Agri Industries is a fully licensed insurance provider offering coverage on mechanized irrigation equipment. We provide coverage for irrigation systems in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

Our policy provides coverage not typically provided by normal farm policies and offered through Diversified Agrisurance Company, the largest insurer of mechanized irrigation equipment in the nation. 

Full Replacement Value Insurance on Your Investment

All coverage is replacement cost coverage, which will pay for the cost of repair or replacement (whichever is less) up to the policy limit. Coverage is multi-peril which covers most perils from an external cause, including fire, lightning, wind, tornado, theft, vandalism, hail, flood, and even collision. Mechanical and electrical coverage is also available on most units.

Pivot Insurance Diversified Agrisurance Irrigation

As both a Valley irrigation dealer and Diversified Agrisurance agency, Agri Industries is in the unique position of assisting you through the whole process, from the initial construction of a unit to repair or replacement if necessary. We can assess the damage, prepare the replacement order, adjust the claim, prepare the paperwork, order necessary parts, and rebuild the system. We’ll get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

We insure all major irrigation pivot brands. Contact Us today for a free quote.

Irrigation Insurance Questions and Answers

What type of losses do I need to worry about?

Wind, tornado, flood, fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, and collision.

Do I want to insure expensive irrigation equipment separate from my farm blanket?

Yes, you want the broadest coverage available on your most expensive equipment.

What’s the biggest problem with most farm and ranch policies?

Payment for damaged equipment is made based on its depreciated value.

You mean I won’t be paid enough to repair or replace my older unit?

Normally, equipment is depreciated by 5%-10% per year. Older equipment can be depreciated 50% or more. That’s $17,000 on a $34,000 unit. Money out of your pocket.

Last night I checked my irrigation system and it was fine but, this morning I drove out and it has now collapsed. Does my policy pay for this collapse?

Standard insurance policies exclude losses to irrigation units due to mechanical/electrical failure and resulting damages.

Can Agri provide this additional protection?

Yes! We offer optional coverage for damage resulting from a mechanical or electrical failure.
(Losses caused by warranted items are not covered.)