The Ames Floating Pumping System covers water moving needs:

  • Irrigation
  • Wastewater
  • Municipal
  • Golf Courses
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining

Floating Pump Applications:

  • Rivers
  • Streams
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Lagoons

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The Ames Self Cleaning Screen

Developed over time through testing and trial. Currently, three models of proven screens are available:

FLD Flood Model Screen

This screen comes in two sizes with flow ratings up to 6000 GPM and openings from ¼” to 1”.  The screen is not self-cleaning and is nearly all mild steel constructed.  It is designed with large enough openings that plugging is not common.  This screen is best suited for high volume flood irrigation pumps that are capable of passing large solids.  Sometimes Agri Industries combines this screen with a pressure screen at the pivot point for extremely challenging sources.

SLC Self Cleaning Screen

The SLC has long been the workhorse for center pivot applications throughout the upper Missouri and lower Yellowstone Rivers.  The screen typically uses eight openings per inch stainless wire cloth as its filter and contains a rotating spray arm that washes away debris that could cause the screen to clog.  The spray bar takes advantage of a Nelson SR 100 bearing as the main bearing, flow control nozzles, and tee jet type nozzles.   Please design for a demand of 50 gpm for SLC to work properly.

SSLC Stainless Self Cleaning Screen

Known in house as the “Forever Screen” the SSLC was developed in 2016 as a reimagining of our popular SLC.  Any of our screens that are incorporated into the Floating Pump System live underwater nearly their entire lives.  The continual submergence leads to eventual failure of the screen body and structure requiring replacement of the entire screen.  Additionally, some severe debris events or inconstant maintenance practices can lead to premature clogging and failure of the stainless steel wire cloth on the SLC.  The Forever Screen solves both of these problems with an all stainless steel constructed body that provided corrosion resistance as well as a heavy-duty structure.  The time-tested internals of the SLC are still present but the outside is fully stainless steel. 

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