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Insurance Questions and Answers

Irrigation Insurance Questions and Answers:

 Q   What type of losses do I need to worry about?
 A   Wind, tornado, flood, fire, lightning, vandalism, theft and collision.
 Q   Do I want to insure expensive irrigation equipment separate from my farm blanket?
 A   Yes, you want the broadest coverage available on your most expensive equipment.
 Q   What’s the biggest problem with most farm and ranch policies?
 A   Payment for damaged equipment is made based on its depreciated value.
 Q   You mean I won’t be paid enough to repair or replace my older unit?
 A   Normally, equipment is depreciated by 5%-10% per year.  Older equipment can be depreciated 50% or more.  That’s $17,000 on a $34,000 unit.  Money out of your pocket.
 Q   Last night I checked my irrigation system and it was fine but, this morning I drove out and it has now collapsed.  Does my policy pay for this collapse?
 A   Standard insurance policies exclude losses to irrigation units due to mechanical/electrical failure and resulting damages.
 Q   Can you provide this additional protection?
 A   Yes! We offer optional coverage for damage resulting from a mechanical or electrical failure.
(Losses caused by warranted items are not covered.)

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