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Pump & Controls Installation & Service

We provide pumps for all fresh water applications including agricultural, municipal, commercial, industrial, oilfield, mining & turf.

Agri Industries provides water pump service for all fresh water pumps including turbine, centrifugal, submersible, and municipal.  We have over 20 years experience repairing, rebuilding, replacing, and troubleshooting all types and brands of pumps and their panels and controls.  We have over 15 years experience in pump service.

Agri Industries sells only the best pumps when we sell Cornell and Goulds Pumps, but pumps can still fail over time.  We service all makes and models of pumps and are not limited to repairs on only the pumps we sell.  When your pump or well goes down that is when you need our pump and well serviceman.  Agri Industries has a complete shop which can quickly and economically overhaul and fix problems with your pump.  We also have a mobile well service and repair truck.  The well service truck has a thirty foot derrick and is capable of servicing all types and sizes of wells.  So, next time you have a problem with your centrifugal pump, domestic well, stock water well, or turbine irrigation well call Agri Industries.

Agri Industries can provide pump engineering, design, installation and service for all fresh water pumps.  We have serviced turbine, centrifugal, submersible and municipal pumps of all types and brands.  With over 20 years experience, we are the area’s pump leader.  We have installed and removed pumps form every application and in various situations and pride ourselves on handling the most difficult jobs.  We can repair, rebuild or overhaul most pumps and in many cases can do it on-site.  Agri Industries stocks many pumps and can rent temporary pumps to keep a system running during repairs or maintenance.  No matter what type of pump work you require, Agri Industries can handle it.

Benefits of Solid State Starters & Variable Frequency/Speed Drives
Starters:  Standard pump controls bring an electric motor up to full speed I fractions of a second where as reduced voltage starters are programmed to do this between 10-30 seconds.  Increasing the speed of a motor slowly eliminates water hammer and other mechanical problems caused by the impact of instantaneous motor starts.  Slowly starting a pump can also reduce the demand placed on power lines and the amp draw is nearly half of standard pump starters.

Variable Drives
Allows for changing the speed of a pump.  A variable speed drive acts very similar to a throttle on a diesel engine and allows the motor to speed up or slow down according to need.  These drives are normally programmed to maintain a certain operating pressure while meeting changing flow needs.  A correctly sized drive can also be used as a phase converter to manufacture a third phase.  When properly used, a variable speed drive can reduce energy costs and improve pumping efficiency. 

Agri Industries handles the Benshaw RediStart LV+ Series Solid State Motor Controls.  These starters and variable frequency drives are ideal for all pump motor applications.  The RediStart series is a rugged, fully programmable family of solid state, microprocessor-based motor controls that are the ideal solution when you need to:

  • Protect Machinery from failure and excessive maintenance caused by mechanical shock during starting or stopping.
  • Protect Electrical Systems from disruptive voltage drops and power outages caused by locked rotor inrush current.
  • Protect Motors from failure outage caused by machine or electrical faults.

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