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Irrigation Wells

Irrigation wells are completed with 10", 12", and 16" casing and typically produce between 800 to 3000 gpm.  Irrigation wells also use stainless steel screens that are the same size as the chosen casing.

Irrigation wells are drilled using Revert drilling mud when possible. Traditional drilling muds tend to seal off the production formation and require longer pumping times to completely clear the formation of drilling fluids. This means that the highest possible flows are not achieved until considerable pumping is done. Revert drilling fluid is an extremely high-yielding drilling mud that breaks down when dosed with high concentrations of chlorine.

Accordingly, the driller can dose the irrigation well with chlorine to clear the formation of drilling fluids, allowing for full pumping rates to be realized quicker.  In addition, each well is gravel packed to provide a good granular material around the well screen. 

Agri Industries drillers also use a unique wash-down sub that was invented by our drillers.  This wash-down sub provides an excellent cleaning of the screen by back flushing the screen with clean non-formation water. 

Please contact the salesman for your area to receive a free well quote.
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