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Environmental Drilling

Agri Industries is a progressive company dedicated to environmental safety.  We provide drilling services for use in environmental purposes.  This environmental drilling is often referred to as environmental remediation.

During the environmental remediation process, our drillers obtain clean soil samples and complete the monitoring of wells in accordance with EPA standards for the purpose of restoring soil or water to a condition that is safe for plants, animals, and people.

Horizontal directional drilling is often the preferred method for environmental remediation.  Because underground plumes often spread horizontally, this drilling method is more effective in reaching underground contamination plumes than traditional or vertical drilling methods.

Basic uses of HDD equipment for environmental remediation include:
  • Installing wells to remove contaminated ground water for treatment;
  • Capturing, treating or removing chemicals from contaminated ground water. 
  • Installation of wells for soil vapor extraction which draws out contaminated air.
  • Placement of conduits to transform and degrade contamination into non-toxic substances.

Please contact our Williston office for further information on environmental drilling.


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