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Well Drilling

Well drilling is often referred to as an art and a science as it requires a talented, experienced and skilled driller to bring in a great well. Well design choices and drilling technique affect how efficiently the water enters the well and how the well performs.

The more efficient the well, the less pumping lift is required and the lower your yearly energy costs. Agri Industries employs five licensed and experienced drillers; Leo Grossman, Darrell Pomeroy, Chad Danielson, Blake Bosworth and Lane Boyce.  Our drillers are licensed in both North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana and have extensive drilling experience as well as intimate knowledge of the area geological formations and drilling conditions.

Please contact any of our offices for a free water well drilling quote. The well drillers’ schedules are very busy, so we would ask you to please make your appointment to have a well drilled in advance and provide the fully refundable 50% down payment as a means to secure your spot in our lineup.
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