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Potholing/Vacuum Excavation/Slurry Cleanup

A preferred alternative to mechanical digging, portable vacuum/excavation systems require less labor to get the same job done and offer a faster, safer, more efficient and cost-effective method of potholing than other methods. 

A vacuum/excavation system uses either high-pressure water or air to locate previously installed utilities, and the vacuum function picks up displaced soil which can later be used as fill or removed from the job site entirely.  By locating previously buried utilities, the risk of underground damage is significantly reduced.  This smaller method of excavation also causes less surface damage, making subsequent surface repairs faster, easier and less expensive, resulting in reduced disruption to traffic flow and other surface activities. 

Vacuum excavation also provides a desirable complement to many horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations.  Vacuum excavation can be required to verify utilities before starting HDD projects or excavating.  Vacuum-excavation facilitates preparing the job site in advance of an HDD or trenching crew, thus helping to complete the job in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Agri Industries uses the Vacmaster SPV-800 Spoilvac vacuum excavation system for all pot-holing and directional boring slurry clean-up applications. Using a 2000 psi water injected high pressure wand, we can quickly dig small, precisely controlled potholes, locate buried utility pipes and lines, and clean up the slurry in one easy step.  The Spoilvac can also be used to clean out valve boxes, catch basins, underground vaults and manways. This system is inherently safer than any mechanical means of potholing available today.  With multiple machines available, we can get to your job when you need us.
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