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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Perfect for applications where trenching, plowing or digging are not feasible, Horizontal Directional Drilling (boring) is the technology of the future and it’s here now, with Agri Industries! 

Fast, convenient and cost-effective, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless construction method which uses specialized equipment to bore/drill underground, creating a tunnel through which to pull back conduit, thus avoiding the cutting or interruption of obstacles.  HDD has fast become the preferred method on many installations due to its low cost and minimal surface disturbance.  The reduction in surface disruption also significantly decreases resulting surface restoration and the subsequent environmental impact commonly associated with open-cut (trenching/plowing) excavation. 

Agri Industries operates a range of equipment able to complete many Horizontal Directional Drilling application. 
  • The Ditch Witch JT 2720 boring machine
  • The Ditch Witch JT 4020 boring machine
  • The Ditch Witch JT 3020 boring machine
  • The Ditch Witch JT 100 boring machine

These top-of-the-line machines employ a drive through ream back system which bores a pilot hole up to 3000’ long with diameters up to *36” using a radio transmitter to track and guide the drill bit to its destination.  The pilot hole is then reamed out to a suitable diameter to enable the operator to pull back conduit, cable or both using steel, solvent welded, poly, “Cert-A-Loc” PVC, or just about any type of piping or cable with great accuracy.  Agri Industries is ready to supply your pipe or conduit upon request.

Agri Industries has a proven history in completing successful municipal jobs, and as a result of the purchase of our Ditch Witch below ground directional boring machines, underground utility work has also become a point of emphasis.  The directional boring machine is a great tool for running utilities and water under roadways, railroads, canals, other utilities, and for construction without disturbing the top soil.  A great accompaniment to underground boring is Agri Industries high pressure, vacuum excavator which makes locating underground utilities easy and safe.

With our expansion into municipal and utility work, we have increased our workforce to include experienced horizontal directional drilling operators dedicated to this line of work.  Having staff dedicated and specializing in this work allows Agri Industries to provide timely service to all aspects of the business. 

*Conduit diameters above 14” reduce possible boring length.
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